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May 28, 2010


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Why does a pretty gal like her want to land herself in trouble? Lindsay pls stay clean and healthy, drinking will ruin your life and future...

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actions speak louder than words.

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This was an age of innocence and happiness.*

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Honestly, this news came as a shock to me the first time I heard it. That baby does not even look like a baby anymore. I think he has aged already. I heard they've put him into rehab. I just hope he gets well for his own good.

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That is the crucial fact of pregnant smoking. I have the only qwastion why those "ladies" who smoke can have a baby, while those who for years trying have no hope for that?

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This is trully shocking! I live in the UK and I can't afford to smoke!


Yes, it is shocking and quite frankly, sick to see such a young child damaged in this way. I'm wondering if the parents need help to quit themselves, and if so, do they know how to stop smoking? This is urgent - hope someone passes this on before its too late. See below for some free tips.

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Would you like to have better relationships? Then start sowing seeds of encouragement and good deeds.

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This is really shocking, Wow. I feel so sorry for him.

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Aw god, this is ridiculous!

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Sharing this on facebook. This is weird

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So on a weekend with plenty of great movies to choose from, I chose the most macho of them all. I could have watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which is getting nice reviews as an all around fun movie. Re-watching The Other Guys or Inception was another solid option -- Will Ferrell movies are always funnier asdfthe second, third or fourth time around, and Inception ... I haven't had a ride like that since the Matrix came out ten years ago. But no movie out this past weekend was more macho than The Expendables.

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Wow, what a photo! number 2. is the most important of them all in my mind "2. Make sure your baby gets enough sleep every day."

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poor baby, he won't live long enough.

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These are very unfortunate news. Having children does not make you a father or a mother, just as having a piano does not make you a pianist.

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Poor baby. What kind of parents does she have to allow their baby to smoke.

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